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Mom Bondage

Posted: April 23, 2011 in Uncategorized

I cant understand what my mom thinking in their mind,my mom always stands on my way when i trying to do something big like going to somewhere far from home with friend or went to someplace by myself.

My dad always not at home dude to his work so my mom play as the role of king in my house.My mom is a very kind person and she will do everything to just protect our family but she is somehow too protective,even when i have KFC with my friend i will receive at least 2 call from her,it makes me feel like a big baby and make me feel embarrassing.

I`m very envy some of my friend parent,they just let them do what ever they like and they have the same age as me,so why cant i just have the same right?

Here is a case what just happen 1 week ago,i asked my mom to let me join my friend to a water theme park which far from home as graduate trip, i dint tell my mom its one of my friend are going to be the driver who will fetch us to the water theme park because i know my mom wont accept if i tell her, but the friend who is going to drive already has the enough driving experience to drive 200km alone.So i tell her his dad will be the driver but guess what she said? NO!

I really want to tell her that i am almost 18(2 month more) why cant i decide what can i do? But i choose to keep slicent because i dont want to start an argument with my mom,but  hey what can i do? i mean she is my mom i  have to show respect to her decision.I know my mom are trying to protect me from danger but  its too protected.

A few more weeks i will move to a collage hostel and start my collage life,it happen to my friends too and we maybe will dont have much opportunity  to meet each other ,so mom why dont you let me go once just let me have a great memory with my friend? I have tell her  but i still get the same answer NO!

Lastly i wish my mom will change their mind to let me join my friend and untied some rope on me.



Posted: March 14, 2011 in Uncategorized
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This is my very first blog and i have zero experience on blogging,so i apologizes for bad grammar and vocabulary and  thats why i started to blog. I wish to improve my SUCK English to have better and easier life in collage.Well i cant decide my blog topic yet,so i will just randomly write something that comes to my mind.i will try my best to make this blog become very interesting to you. I will end this topic here.wish you have a great day.